ideas for music students and music enthusiasts alike in the washington, dc area

Why practice piano?

Why piano lessons?

  1. EXCELLENCE: Chris provides students with personal musical instruction, unique and tailored to each student to help them best perform and achieve their individual goals. He inspires and challenges students to grow and master new capabilities.  As a performing musician, Chris is able to tailor his instruction based on his own recent and relevant experiences.

  2. VARIETY: With a foundation in classical music, Chris has explored and continues to pursue creative endeavors with other musical traditions, including jazz, rap, and electronic. This approach inspires students to experience art through modern means, and allows them to build a solid foundation upon which creativity can grow.

  3. CONVENIENCE: With a central location in Capitol Hill, there is an opportunity and flexibility to scheduling consistent lessons.

  4. OPPORTUNITY: Music allows students to hone skills that translate inside and outside of the classroom.  Practicing music takes diligence, focus, and above all patience. The intense concentration required to learn and perform a piece of music is a rare opportunity in today’s digital age.

Christopher Astilla blends the arts, including visual, performance, and movement with classical sounds to bring a unique perspective to live performances and teaching methods. Honoring tradition carried through centuries of classical music, he blends modern methods to invite a broader audience to enjoy. His goal is to redefine the accessibility, relevance, and connection of the arts within the DC community.