Customer Experience

When my now teenagers were between 5-7 years old, they took their first ever music lessons with Chris. He was great with them—patient, creative, motivating. While my kids did not continue with piano, they did take up the trumpet, saxaphone, and clarinet over their middle school years and I attribute the ease with which they transitioned to other instruments as well as their increased ability to read music to their early lessons with Chris! I can’t say enough good things about Chris, and highly recommend him as a piano instructor!
— Alyssa
My daughter has been taking lessons with Chris for about 6 years. He’s a fantastic teacher who makes the lessons fun. I was worried when she became a teenager she would resist continuing these lessons but she attends every week with no complaint, which is a tribute to Chris’ engaging style.
— Sean
My son took lessons with Chris for about 7 years and Chris took him from a reluctant I-will-practice-5-min-a-day-if-you-make-me student to a kid who comes home from college and hops on the piano to play for fun. He even put some of his music skills to work on a recent group project at school. I highly recommend him for students of all ages.
— Jason
Our daughter has been taking lessons with Chris since she was five and now she is twelve. Chris is the best teacher ever! Chris has taught her not just techniques of playing piano but how to appreciate music. He is very patient, kind and also creative in teaching youngsters as well as adults. I have taken lessons from Chris as an adult—after decades of hiatus since my childhood—and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was much more enjoyable than the lessons I took as a child, even though my fingers don’t move quite as well as they used to. He has made it easy for me to play some difficult pieces by Beethoven and Chopin (something I always wanted to play but never thought I could). I only wish I had more time to continue....!! We cannot recommend Chris highly enough! He is the best.
— Naomi